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Reflexology is a treatment working mainly on the feet. The feet reflect the structure of our body and by manipulating certain points on the feet it helps our body to repair and create homeostasis by improving lymphatic flow, blood circulation and stimulating neural pathways.

The history of Reflexology can be found within several civilisations such as the Chinese and Egyptians. For 3,000 years Chinese practitioners have used reflexology to re-balance Qi (the life force flowing through energy channels) to treat a number of conditions. The Chinese used the five elements combined with the meridians to help with elimination of ailments.

Reflexology can work alongside conventional Western medical medicine to promote healing and improve wellbeing and vitality.

Present day Reflexology is influenced by an American women, Eunice Ingham and her nephew Dwight Byers. Eunice researched for many years the effects of reflexology after discussions with Doctor William Fitzgerald highlighted the advantages of Zone Therapy. An example of Zone Therapy is where one body part mirrors another i.e. if you have a broken left leg you can manipulate the left arm to stimulate nerve endings.

Reflexology is beneficial for all kinds of ailments such as: stress, anxiety, back pain, migraine, poor digestion, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), respiratory problems, asthma, headache, bladder problems, menopausal symptoms and period pain.

It is advisable to have a course of 6 treatments of reflexology in order to gain the full benefits.

Clients are advised not to eat anything too heavy for 3 hours prior and after a treatment.
This treatment will take 45 minutes with 15 minutes to relax at the end therefore 1 hour in total £40